Owen LLewellyn
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Facebook Censors New Zealand Group Concerned About Islamification

In yet another outrageous example of internet censorship, Facebook has disabled the Group “Kiwis United Against the Islamification of New Zealand”.  The group had only been operational a few months, but had already gained well over 600 members.  The group was very clear about its’ being an educational group and not a hate group.  Seeing what’s occurred around the world, members were ordinary Kiwis waking up to the potential problems New Zealand faces if it allows its’ Muslim population to grow.  People were not just alarmed about ISIS and other extremists terrorist attacks, but were realising that Islam is not compatible with western society and values which New Zealanders hold dear.  They were studying the history of Islam and developing an understanding of how the growth of Muslim populations in ‘host’ countries leads to creeping Islamification and how this  affects society.


Solomon Tor-Kilsen was an active member of the group and is concerned about its’ demise. He told RightMindsNZ “It’s not a hate group.  We don’t bash on Muslims.  Facebook shutting the group down is a complete and utter violation of free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of association……..It’s extreme censorship …..this is the Big Brother we were all told doesn’t exist but we can see creeping into existence”


There are plenty of examples of Facebook and other big social media operators allowing groups which openly support ISIS and make direct calls for violence.  Often, these groups will be allowed to carry on after they have been brought to the attention of Facebook and will only be taken down once there is some media embarrassment for the social media company to deal with. The tech giants are all subjects of multiple law suits from victims of terrorist atrocities.  For some reason they find it more difficult to spot and respond to those groups than they do something like Kiwis United Against the Islamification of New Zealand.  


Last year, Facebook refused to remove a page titled “Assassinate Donald Trump” and yet states that its’ Terms and Community Standards “don’t allow groups containing threats of physical harm to other people or content that directly targets individuals”.