Dieuwe de Boer
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Fake Hillary Clinton Claims She Considered Moving to NZ

On Monday night, Hillary Clinton spoke in Spark Arena to a crowd of 3,000. Judging from the reporting on the event, it seems like the entire elitist legacy media complex was in attendance. The Daily Mail has dared to suggest Mrs. Clinton was wearing a back brace, but we won't spend any time on these health rumours here. Instead we'll take a look at what she said.

In perhaps the only useful part of the speech, she warned about Chinese influence on our democracy. Which is ironic, because her party laughed at Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, when both spent years warning about the same thing in America.

The most bizarre part of the evening was her claim to have considered moving to New Zealand. It left like a repeat of her "I was named after Sir Edmund Hillary" claim, even though she was born years before he summited Mount Everest. Hillary seems to have some strange compulsion to forge unauthentic relationships with her audiences. Just as a precaution though, I would suggest that immigration take note and make sure she can't escape here in case President Trump decides that this crook isn't above the law.

While I listened to the recorded segments of the event, I heard very little that went beyond the usual monotonous delivery of her sad stump speech. One of the media elite, Patrick Gower, woke from his stupor just long enough to realise he'd been swindled out of $195.

What you also saw was what I call a machine politician, someone who actually did not make one single mistake during about 90 minutes on stage. Everything is choreographed, everything is quite manufactured and everything is very professional and slick. [...] You don't actually see anything real, there is nothing real about Hillary Clinton.

- Patrick Gower

Patrick quickly added that people in New Zealand generally view her in a positive light, like "a great stateswoman." This bit of back-peddling is easily refuted by finding any overwhelmingly negative comment section attached to every article about Hillary Clinton across all the legacy media outlets. Like in the USA, only the corrupt elite and their dupes love this crooked and evil woman.

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