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Green MP Who Campaigned on Being a Refugee Upset By Questions Asking If She's Kiwi Enough

Golriz Ghahraman became a poster girl for the Green Party and a media darling. She was the refugee turned human rights lawyer. The idea Green MP and a beacon of light for the left-wing "diversity" movement. As it turned out, she was the manufactured candidate, now routinely mocked outside of the elitist circles of our ruling class.

That hasn't stopped the media from continually trying to clean up her image though, as this most recent example of moral outrage shows us. The woman who campaigned on being a refugee is now upset that people constantly question if she's kiwi enough. That's right, Miss "I'm a Foreigner" is triggered by xenophobic New Zealanders who wonder if a foreigner can presume to speak for them.

The latest of these questions came after Golriz tweeted some nonsense (and lies) about how Maori should be compulsory because of the imperialist bogeyman:

"Protecting the indigenous language of our country is a duty we owe to Māori, to preserve a culture that was plundered & systematically suppressed by colonisation-but also because kids who learn languages thrive in all sorts of ways in their education. We won't let this one go," Ghahraman tweeted.

Nobody is suggesting the government always acted perfectly, they never do, but this claim around the language specifically is just wrong. You can pick up any history book to read about how greatly the Maori benefited from colonisation and how their own leaders suppressed the language in order to make massive social progress. The amount of plundering happening in New Zealand decreased rapidly with the arrival of English law. One wonders whether Golriz is actually familiar with the more brutal aspects of Maori culture that were rooted out and destroyed. Indeed, this resurgent modern Maori culture is quite an Anglicised one, and thankfully so. That's enough history though, let's get back to more pressing matters.

After reading the tweet, left-wing hack Sean Plunket suffered a lapse of judgement and forgot his place in the social justice hierarchy to question how some foreigner could lecture him about what "he owes" to Maori.

Broadcaster and former The Opportunities Party (TOP) chief spin doctor Sean Plunket responded, "please don't presume to talk for me Golriz".

He then said: "Sorry Golriz you are dead wrong there. As a recent arrival perhaps you should use your ears rather than your mouth for a bit...

"When you talk about what 'we' owe, you presume to talk for me. Not second class just recently arrived having abandoned your own country."

Shock. Horror. Don't worry though, soyboy Sean was beaten back into place and won't be heard from again any time soon.

Ghahraman said this was an opportunity to have a wider conversation about Kiwi identity, and what that meant.

She took Plunket's initial comments to imply no foreigners would ever truly be Kiwis.

New Zealand's rugged, farming, number 8 wire identity was rooted in its colonial settler past, which did not take into account Māori identity and culture, and other migrant populations, she said.

So, she's worried people don't think she's "Kiwi enough" while at the same time she wants to redefine the Kiwi identity to be more… foreign?

Is this woman nuts or what?

Dear Golriz, here's some free advice, from one foreigner to another. If you don't like the New Zealand identity and you don't want to assimilate: go home.