Dieuwe de Boer
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Kiwi Parents Scare Child Into Thinking Trump is Going to Get Them

New Zealand is facing an epidemic of children with anxiety issues:

Child psychologists are struggling to keep up with demand as the number of children with anxiety continues to increase.

With a direct link between anxiety and depression, psychologists say New Zealand needs to take an urgent and preventative approach.

Children as young as three are being treated across the country.

- Newshub

Do we have some examples of the psychological scarring that New Zealand children suffer from?

Ms West recalls one child who was about seven or eight who was so scared they went to bed every night thinking Donald Trump was going to climb through their window and hurt them.

How is this not child abuse? These horrible parents are causing huge emotional damage to their child by making him/her think that President Donald Trump is going to fly to New Zealand to hurt them.

This is more evidence that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a serious mental illness and the medical community needs to do more to highlight the extreme danger of the disease.

Children are also growing up with role models from a generation of undiagnosed anxious parents.

The snowflake generation, millennials who never grew up, are raising children of their own and it's a tragic disaster.

Do you have a friend suffering from TDS? Get them help today.