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One New Zealand Shame Major Parties With Bold Statement On UN Migration Compact

Fledgling political party, One New Zealand has stolen a march on the main parties with a clear and bold statement regarding the controversial UN Global Compact for Migration due to be signed this month in Morocco.

Deputy leader Andy Oakley has made it quite clear in this statement that One New Zealand will not support any such controversial moves towards a border-less world or expose New Zealanders to unnecessary risks and costs.

Whilst National have expressed concerns and stated that issues around migration are ‘the sole competence of the country concerned’ there is no clear statement that a National government would not support such a compact were it in place, the One New Zealand party are clearly stating that they would not tolerate any such agreement and demand that the New Zealand government do not sign it whilst exposing the reality of the circumstances which led to the current situation.

Here is the full statement:

Press Release from Andy Oakley, the Deputy Leader of the One New Zealand Party


The One New Zealand Party formally rejects the UN Global Compact for Migration, and make public our strong opposition to any of the Coalition Government members signing such a document.

The UN Global Compact for Migration was primarily designed as result of, and to protect the lives of, people that chose to migrate to Europe en masse over the last few years. The way the UN has chosen to attempt to protect these people, is to demand that every UN member state, including New Zealand, open their borders and not only make it even easier for illegal immigrants and refugees to enter any country of their choosing, but also to fund the legal defence by these people to stay in their chosen destination country. The UN is demanding that all member states actually assist these people to illegally enter their country’s, give them assistance to find work, integrate into the new country populace, and help the new countries peoples to understand the migrant's culture, religions, and language.

The UN are effectively endangering the lives of migrant people by inviting illegal/irregular refugees and migrants to undertake treacherous journeys, and making it the responsibility of the destination country they are trying to enter illegally to make and keep them safe.

The UN Global Compact for Migration claims to promote the protection of Human Rights, yet there are some cultures around the world that do not want to coexist in a peaceful and free manner. The culture they know being one of violent and religious tyranny.  In recent years NATO/U.S. led interventions (such as the UN Security Council approved 2011 'Regime Change' initiative in Libya) have, rather than helping, in fact furthered the spread of ISIS and Jihadism into those countries - thereby exacerbating not only the refugee problem, but also the anti-West sentiments of those refugees.  Many of these people are bringing tyranny and violence to the countries they illegally migrate to, and the UN have completely disregarded the rights, health, and safety of the people in the destination countries, particularly in Europe and the UK.

The One New Zealand Party demand the New Zealand government do not sign the UN Global Compact for Migration.