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Open Letter "to the New Zealand Based Trump Haters"

To the New Zealand based Trump haters, "Aotearoa Against Trump", "Socialist Aotearoa" or whatever you people wish to identify as today. We the "trolls" at New Zealanders for Trump noticed that your oragnisation(s) were planning to write an open letter, so we thought we would counter your points in anticipation, your rhetoric is antiquated and predictable after all.

[This open letter has been republished with permission from the original author, read it on Facebook, or continue below.]

Firstly we respect Donald Trump because he is an accomplished individual who has provided goods, services, entertainment and jobs to many thousands of individuals, thus having large sums of money returned to him. He has highlighted core issues which resound with people rich and poor, black and white alike. He backed himself with tens of millions into his election campaign unlike other candidates who are beholding to Wall Street banks and regimes like Saudi Arabia who funded twenty percent of the Hillary campaign. The fact he was given a million dollars by his father does not detract from Mr Trumps ability to turn that into a ten billion dollar empire. That is the equivalent of one of us turning one grand into ten million dollars, can you do such? Inequality you say? Well yes an inequality of production and hard work exists between people, you guys put energy into hating capitalists, whilst capitalists put energy into creating things, like the coke and McDonalds your members obviously consume when they are not throwing it at others. Perhaps if your members consumed less and produced more, they would be less obese and more wealthy? However I realise it's not your fault, you didn't have a rich Dad like Donald did you? Well have you ever been for a walk in the bush and seen a beautiful tall tree on the crest of a hill, towering over others seeded in the valleys? Is a government required to more equally distribute sunlight, the currency of the forest, to trees which had the misfortune of being seeded in the swamp, in order for said ecosystem to work? So your first problem is with nature, nature is cruel and produces diversity of species and outcomes, personally I came to accept this at a young age, I'll never be as fast as Usain Bolt or wealthy as David Rockefeller, but I can still work on myself.

That is why some of us have bothered to learn about capitalism, or as I prefer to say voluntary trade. Most sane people agree that when it comes to sex, all trades of sexual fluids should be voluntary, however many people do not extend this to their property, or money. As communists you likely don't believe in property, in which case stop eating and give all your food to starving people, but for those of us that do, we understand that self ownership means the product of our labour, our time and brains belongs to us completely. You people however, seem to think an arbitrary percentage of other peoples bodies belongs to you, that's why "the rich" are taxed at 33% in this country, a policy which disincentivises earning and makes New Zealand poorer. If you dispute this logic then why are fines used as disincentives?

I realise that Socialist Aotearoa and Unite Union are not about philosophy however, you guys are all about action and slogans. You tell us that all you want to do is have the bosses sacked and the workers own the companies. Well here's the good news, in a free market you are free to do exactly that, I implore Unite Union headed by Irish tough guy, Joe Carolan, to start a business with the workers! Trump started with one million, you guys boast of having thousands of members from Sky City to Burger King workers, so it should be easy to save one million dollars between you, by eating less and not paying the union bosses, and start your own Commie Burger. I can't promise to eat your pigeon burgers, as I have a lot of respect for myself, but if you spice them up I'm sure the masses will be jumping your borders to feast on profit free peoples burgers! Seriously though, start a company and divide the shares among the workers, or buy shares in companies like Air New Zealand….I suspect the reason you do not is not for lack of money, but lack of knowledge, acumen and fear of having to take losses. How can you guarantee workers a fixed dividend per week? That is why you fear based individuals will continue to work for the evil capitalists like Mr Trump, because he's more of a man that you guys will ever try to be, he has recovered from over 9 billion in debt, poorer than you guys have ever been collectively, he has worked with the mafia, Latinos and hired black women long before it was a social norm. Your union creates no jobs, you simply fight for more money for workers, you do not have a wider view as to trying to minimise costs of production and lower prices to consumers to gain more market share and revenue and that is exactly why you should know your place as workers, respect the natural hierarchy and not expect a share of the profits when you took no share in the risk building companies like McDonalds.

Trump is a maverick who also raised a beautiful family and you people are low IQ, safety first, liberty last, philistines who can only lean on the government and protest about the supposed failings of others in order to amass more crumbs for yourselves.I do not imagine my shock doctrine style will motivate any of you to look in the mirror, notice your own flaws and endeavor on a path of self improvement, using your government funded Iphones and internet. We live in an age of information where we can stand on the shoulders of all the great people before us and accelerate the learning curve, ignorance is a choice, so I do not pity you or have any sympathy. The reality is capitalism forces you to think of other people in order to make money, and that is why it is a virtuous system you dislike, for you only think of your victimised selves. Socialism forces others to pay for you and that is why Joe Carolan is campaigning to make "the rich" pay even more in taxes. You people have a condition of entitlement in a universe that owes you nothing, and that is the reason good people like Trump are winning; we are aligned with the forces of nature. Your concepts of rights and justice are the inverse of reality, you have a right to our money, but we don't have the right to freedom of speech; a freedom which comes at no ones expense unlike your welfare.

There is one thing that will come at your expense though and that is compensation for damages incurred to us Trump supporters. Namely one white shirt that your comrade Diego Compa soaked in capitalist coke, the punches thrown, the obese transgender idiot Eva Allan who threw a brick and charged us and your generally hideous aesthetic and odour when aggressively in our faces. We are happy to settle the tab at one thousand dollars to advert further action being taken. Everyone has an agenda and ours is to make New Zealand the better Britain it was intended to be, you people make it look like an episode of Little Britain!

Facta, non verba
Will Ryan
New Zealanders for Trump