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Review Of The Sovereignty Rally Against The UN Migration Pact In Christchurch

The New Zealand Sovereignty Christchurch Rally on the UN Global Migration Compact was held in Cathedral Square on February 2nd 2019.

The weather really turned it on for the rally in Christchurch's vibrant Cathedral Square. A balmy day with a gentle cooling breeze that set the multitude of New Zealand flags held by the supporters alight, set the scene for what turned out to be a marvellous family-oriented enjoyable event.

The organisers agreed the event was a significant success given the fact they had only come together a few weeks earlier.

With over 100 supporters, the crowd swelled throughout the event with many passers by stopping to listen to the very informative speeches presenting the issue from several different aspects.

The supporters who had travelled from as far as Hokitika and Ashburton were all very respectful and there seemed to be a genuine desire to be part of and develop community here in Christchurch. The supporters and politicians stayed on after the event had finished networking and discussing the issues at hand for over an hour. What struck me was the depth of knowledge most had on the issues, and the length of time these people have been on this journey as individuals or small groups.

From there the meeting adjourned to a local restaurant and bar where relationships further developed, and post event analysis was discussed with enthusiasm. A common theme was people were excited to discover they weren't on this journey alone.

The line-up of seven speakers all spoke well. It was an interesting note that all the political parties had been invited to present a speaker but only two parties showed up. Two speakers representing New Conservative including their leader Leighton Baker, and David Moffett, and one speaker from One New Zealand Dolf van Amersfoort.

The event was effectively MC'd by Martin Frauenstein, one of the organisers. Martin is the New Conservative representative for Ilam and added useful comments throughout the event.

New Conservative leader Leighton Baker spoke first covering off the basics and vowing to make a tangible difference in the political landscape should they earn the support of the population at the next election, including repealing the signing of the UN Global Compact on Migration.

Leighton was followed by Ian Froggatt, a Pom, who clearly outlined the nuts and bolts of the Compact and the downstream effects it will have on New Zealand society. His aspect of being an immigrant himself and seeing the carnage happening in Europe obviously gives him 20/20 vision on the subject. Talking with him later I discovered he is astounded the Kiwi culture is so cloistered in the "she'll be right" attitude and carries an implicit trust in the government which in this case is clearly undeserved.

Next speaker was David Moffett. David expanded on Leighton's speech, revealing some interesting facts from a bigger picture of the UN, its activity, and credibility, which when tied to the issue of the UN Global Compact on Migration really emphasised the severity and urgency of the issues that currently face our nation.

The fifth speaker was Dolf van Amersfoort from One New Zealand party. While not actually having "party" status yet One New Zealand wanted to have a presence and share their thoughts on the issue. Dolf's speech was short and sweet, wisely saying, everything he had wanted to say had been said and he wasn't going to repeat it. For some reason Dolf was carrying an USA flag, presumably to show support for the USA's stance rejecting the UN Global Compact on Migration.

Lee Williams, another "Pom" spoke next. With passion and great conviction Lee built on the comments of Ian Froggatt. Again, his clarity of understanding gleaned from his background was clear. Clearly articulating the key issues and their consequences.

The prestigious last speaking spot was reserved for Troy Allan. Troy spoke with passion addressing the bigger picture of the current and impending train wreck of New Zealand culture as a whole. He described how our culture got to this place, what it used to be like, what it could be like and how to get there. Essentially a call to action.

The overall impression from the rally was one of real enjoyment by everyone and a show of great unity and passion to protect and grow our beautiful New Zealand culture.

Bring on the next one.

The New Zealander

Video links:

Leighton Baker - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhbubcjOQoc

Ian Froggatt - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICmSOrx96Y0

David Moffett - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO5qVK7wQWY

Lee Williams - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXHbOCwWedU

Troy Allan - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18NZPo1FrL0