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Andy Oakley
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Save Us From Labour's Virtue Signalling Politics - Defend New Zealand Sovereignty

Labour = The Politics of Virtue Signalling and Division. Our Country is Changing!

I am still reeling from the speech given by Jacinda Ardern at the UN Convention last year. It is quite clear that the Labour government see themselves as the instigators of “kindness and empathy” in New Zealand. The reality however is that deliberately imposing fiscal austerity on our country (a $5.5B dollar private sector deficit in 2018 largely due to the Labour tax hikes!) is neither kind nor empathetic. It is cruel and thoughtless. It is also in stark contrast to the fiscal policies of most other first world nations such as Japan, Switzerland, and even the USA, who normally run private sector surpluses.

While pretending to be friendly and generous is a display that may win over students on a university campus, this is a style of virtue signalling in government that is doomed to failure because it is based on wishful thinking and/or narcissism rather than reality. It is the equivalent of sprinkling fairy dust over the hood of a breakdown and smiling to oneself instead of lifting the hood to see what is wrong with the motor.

Yet far worse than just fairy dust, Labour is also painting false and divisive narratives as explanations for our social dysfunction and high crime rates. With Ardern and the Labour government pushing identity politics our country is being increasingly divided.

In the eyes of the world we are seen as a basket case and Andrew Little confirms this as often as he can in his speeches to the UN Council. He proudly stands before the world press and removes himself and the Labour government’s failure to deal with social dysfunction and our low-wage economy by stating that Maori are poor and oppressed because of colonisation 150 years ago, in other words racism towards them that continues today.

This is simply a lie and an affront to the Maori people of New Zealand.

Ardern and Little as Ambassadors for New Zealand are a cancer on us and their acts should be condemned.

Globalism is equally bad for New Zealand - not to mention the desperate people enticed to haul themselves thousands of miles on treacherous journeys from their stricken and often meddled with homelands - yet Ardern and the Labour government are resolute in opening up our country under the banner of this chaotic stop-gap fix.

In front of the UN she stated: “This generation is a borderless one - at least in a virtual sense. One that increasingly see themselves as global citizens.”

She also said:

“In the face of isolationism, protectionism, racism - the simple concept of looking outwardly and beyond ourselves, of kindness and collectivism, might just be as good a starting point as any.”

This of course is meaningless drivel and in no way addresses the major issues in New Zealand which are that the citizens have lost a single standard of citizenship via the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975. This Act is an act of racism in which Ardern and previous governments get to be ‘kind’ to just one race at the expense of all other races. It is an Act that has set us on the pathway to civil unrest and must be repealed.

Like the signing of the UN Global Migration Pact, the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 is an assault on our sovereignty. We will see the Maori tino rangatiratanga sovereignty flag flying all over New Zealand in a few days as evidence of this grab at our county's sovereignty.

Sovereignty and equal civil rights are two of the major issues that the One New Zealand Party will address as part of the next government of New Zealand.

Stand with us as we claim back our country from racism and the divisiveness of identity politics!

Party Leader 
Andy Oakley

About the author

Andy Oakley is the Leader of The One New Zealand Party.  The One New Zealand Party stands for New Zealand Sovereignty, one standard of citizenship, free speech, and not bowing down to political correctness.