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Six Hour Vigil to #FreeTommy Held In Auckland

For those who do not yet know, anti-Islamisation activist Tommy Robinson was arrested and jailed a few days ago while livestreaming outside a courtroom where an "Asian grooming gang" was awaiting a verdict (that's PC for Muslim paedophile rape gang). Of the 29 defendants, a third were named Mohammed, and two were women. Tommy did not believe he was breaching a previous court order which forbade him to film inside a courthouse, and indeed he was careful to only read publicly available information and only referred to the crimes as alleged. The judge who had him arrested thought otherwise and quadrupled his suspended sentence from 3 months to 13 months in a short, secret trial. The supposed offense was either "breaching the peace" or "contempt of court", perhaps both. We don't know all the details for sure because the judge placed Soviet-style reporting restrictions on the case so that the media could not report on it. He attempted to make Tommy vanish into the dungeons without anyone knowing.

The Muslim rape gangs get their crimes covered up for decades by elements in the UK government, and the one man who speaks out against them and reports on the cases is locked up. One day he's there, and the next day he's gone, with it being a crime to print about his disappearance in the papers. As one of my fellow contributors pointed out, that's an unfolding Orwellian nightmare.

Spontaneous protests erupted in the UK, with thousands holding marches and rallies. These protests quickly spread throughout the world, with a number being held in Australia too, as reported on by our friends at The Unshackled.

A rally for Auckland was organised on very short notice, less than 24 hours, by a member of NZ Islamic State Watch, with a 6 hour vigil planned outside the British Consulate in Auckland. I headed over there at 7:30am on the cold winter Tuesday morning and met up with over a dozen activists who stood, mostly in silence, to raise awareness for Tommy's plight.

Hundreds of people stopped to ask questions or show their support to those gathered with #FreeTommy signs and Union Jacks outside the consulate. One woman even came to deliver a letter to the Consul General with arguments for the release of Tommy and also to give the Consul a copy of the book "Easy Meat", written by a survivor of one of these Muslim rape gangs.

You can view more photos and messages on the discussion tab of the FreeTommy Silent Vigil Auckland event page.

You can sign the petition to Theresa May, which has over 550,000 signatures at this time. If there are any further rallies or events planned, we'll share them on our Facebook page.