Owen LLewellyn
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Ten Years On From Putin's Epic Munich Speech

Ten years ago this week, on the 10th of February 2007, President Vladimir Putin of Russia made a cut through speech at the 43rd Munich Security Conference.  Exposing the hypocrisy of US/NATO/EU controlled international security policy, the speech was a concise, intelligent and insightful and pointed review of the state of international relations at the time; an accurate summary of events of previous decades; and, as it turned out, a prescient overview of how events would unfold in the coming years.

At a time when many regular people were just starting to become more aware of how western/globalist controlled media were systematically misleading, distracting and misinforming them, Putin’s speech masterfully summarised the reality of US led interventions in the previous few years around the globe.  Not many political speeches stand the test of time.  I would venture to suggest that this one is on the shortlist.  In just 30 short minutes, Putin drops one truth bomb after another. He embarrasses the assembled globalist puppets, including Angela Merkel and John McCain, with an expose of the cruel, destabilising and illegal military interventions which had already cost the lives of millions of people.  He schools the listener on how Russia was double crossed by NATO after the collapse of the Soviet Union with empty promises of non-expansion.  He makes an intelligent analysis of how aid and subsidy programmes serve to keep poor countries dependent and under-developed and so easier to control.

Made towards the end of Putin’s first term as President, this speech went a long way to establishing him in the minds of thinking observers (those not enslaved to the mainstream narrative) as one of the most intelligent and far sighted world leaders.  The globalist/neo con facade of innate moral superiority is skillfully dis-assembled for all to see.  

If you haven’t heard this speech before, I highly recommend listening to it.