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The Rapid Islamisation of New Zealand

Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, and usually the deadliest too. It's the month when the (false) prophet Mohammed received his first revelation from the angel of light and a new religion was born. Ramadan is a month of fasting to celebrate Islam, and the end of each day a worship service is held, called Iftar, where Muslims break their fast and pray to Allah for the fifth time. Our Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, NZ Police, and Human Rights Commission are all joining in this celebration of an ideology with values antithetical to our own.

I've written previously about the dishonesty of the Ahmadis in NZ and a review of Mohammed's Koran. If you want to understand Islam, you need to go no further than to read the Koran itself. Ignorance is no excuse, yet it's likely the one that will be used by our politicians and bureaucrats.

The media has been running a larger volume of Islamic propaganda than normal, such as celebrating NZ's first beauty contestant in a hijab, but the problem of mainstreaming Islamic religious practises is more deep rooted than that. After all, since Islam has a positive demographic outlook, so in addition to the liberal virtue signalling, there are votes to be won and quotas to be filled here. While the most recent census numbers haven't been released yet, we know that the Islamic population will be at least 1.5% of NZ's total population, the majority live in Auckland, making up around 3% of the city's population. Thanks to multiculturalism, ethno-religious groups tend to ghettoise, so for instance Mt Roskill is at least 6% Muslim, with some areas at 13% (Wesley) and 18% (Walmsley). That data is now many years out-of-date and we'll have to wait for the 2018 census data for new numbers. Muslims are one of a very few groups with a positive demographic outlook, with Islam being the fastest growing religion in the world.

The NZ Police have to take these demographic changes into account as one of their core values is a commitment to diversity and "reflecting" the communities they serve. That takes official importance over things like solving crime and burglaries, which are not part of their "values".

You won't find any of the following photos or videos on the social media accounts of any of the listed individuals and organisations, but you will find them happily displayed across the social media of various mosques.

Police Join Ramadan

The photo starts off with an unintentional irony: Superintendent Jill Rogers incorrectly wearing a hijab while wearing a white ribbon pin. Showing your hair is appropriately followed by a beating in most Islamic traditions. Muslims won't be offended though, she's showing submission which is the most important part. The details can come later.

It's a historic first, and Imam Alhaji Molvi Abdul Shafeez sums up its importance:

This is a milestone achievement. It's just like a bridge binding two ends together - one side is the muslim community and the other is the law of the land.

The joining of the Muslim community and the law of the land is commonly known as Sharia law. The end result is Islamic religio-cultural practises enshrined in the legal system.

Inspector Naila Hassan, a high-ranking policewoman, claims she hid her religion from her colleagues for two decades. You'd think the hijab would have given it away. "She doesn't wear a hijab" you say? But if Muslimas like Naila don't need to wear one, then why are infidels like Jill and Jacinda putting them on?

Mr Rakesh Naidoo, pictured left, and Imam Dr Anwar Sahib, on his right. Both attended this non-diverse "Diversity Dinner", or Iftar, to break the Ramadan fast and pray to Allah.

Naidoo is the New Zealand Police Inspector on secondment to the Human Rights Commission. He, along with Susan Devoy, recommended that the U.N. urge the New Zealand Government to create a new criminal offence for “disharmonious speech targeted at the religion and beliefs of ethnic minority communities.” A move that would make criticism of Islam a crime.

Sahib is the infamous "anti-Semitic Auckland Iman", formerly the secretary of FIANZ - the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand. This organisation collects the jizya, "halal fees", paid by New Zealand consumers. He was forced out after pressure was placed on FIANZ in the wake of publicity surrounding some of his controversial sermons a few years ago, but clearly he still holds a senior position in the Muslim community.

The NZ Herald was also complicit in allowing this Imam to promote his views when they not only ignored a complaint by a woman that terrorism was being promoted at his mosque, but also gave Sahib her contact details.

Imam Sahib teaches that "Jews [...] are evil offspring, infidels [...] the scum of the human race whom Allah cursed and turned into apes and pigs" and that women must get permission from their husbands to leave the house.

Are these the values embraced by our Police and the Human Rights Commission?

I was going to include some more pictures and videos of the segregated worship services at the police HQ, but after I publicised their social media posts and queried them about the views of Imam Sahib, they deleted all references to the Iftar from their social media. Oops.

Don't worry though, a random stranger sent me a link with the whole album for your viewing displeasure.

Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges Celebrates Ramadan

At a separate event, in Masjid As-Salam, or "House of Peace", MP Simon Bridges and several other male National Party members also celebrated Iftar. The (supposedly) Christian Simon Bridges celebrated a holy event of a false religion.

What did he tak about? Why was he wearing a prayer cap? I contacted the office of the Leader of the Opposition to request a transcript of his official remarks at the service and to see if they would confirm it was an official visit. They have not replied. I don't think they ever will.

While it's not the kind of album and footage that Simon seems proud to put on his social media, the mosque was more than happy to upload a few dozen photos and a few minutes of video.

You might be able to recognise a few other National MPs here, like Kanwaljit Bakshi, but the women are strikingly absent. That's because this was a gender segregated event. The men listened to Simon Bridges speak and broke their Ramadan fast with him over the call to prayer while the women worked in the kitchen.

The Imam, Sheikh Hemayatullah Haqiqzai, says he hopes to one day see a mosque "in every corner through out New Zealand."

Jacinda the Hijabi

This photo was taken on Eid, featuring Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Shahed Omar Abu Jwaied, a Jordanian immigrant, refugee advocate, and former UN staffer.

Where are the calls of cultural appropriation? Jacinda's not hijab-ing right, that's got to be disrespectful right? The purpose of the hijab is not the cover the head, it's to cover the hair - all of it. Jacinda isn't really wearing a hijab in this photo: she's just wrapped a scarf around her head. But that doesn't matter, you see, it's the thought that counts. She's showing submission and that's enough. Our prime minister is doing religious garb, the purpose of which is to cover women up. That's fine by me, but something tells me liberal feminism isn't supposed to find that cool. So why is she doing this? The liberal feminist movement hates two things above all: anything English and anything Christian. Islam is a historical nemesis of both, so the details don't matter too much and the flaws get glossed over.

They say she's showing solidarity with Muslim women, but we don't see feminists like Ardern learning how to wear the hijab properly, rushing to get female genital mutilation done at a local clinic, or asking Clarke if she's allowed to leave the house to run the country every morning. Oh, no, but a photo-op with a scarf around your head is just the right amount of virtue signalling to the left and submission to the Islamists. Win-win.

To Islam, Or Not To Islam?

Various other signs of Islamisation are on the rise, whether it's stories of a local Muslim beating one of his wives with a hammer, a failed terrorist attack in Christchurch, or a Hezbollah rally in Auckland. The 7th century is back, and it's not going to look pretty.

Gerard Batten, the leader of UKIP, recently ended a speech against the entrenched Muslim rape gangs in the United Kingdom by asking the crowd a question, one that I'll repeat in closing as it's just as relevant to use as it is to the Britons. Jacinda Ardern, Simon Bridges, and the NZ Police have already answered, but it's still open for you.

"Islam means Submission. Will you submit, or will you resist?"


28/06/2018 - This article has been updated to attribute the Jacinda hijabi photo to Shahed Jwaied.