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Trans-Tasman Talk Ep.15 - Gunning For Surplus

Presented in association with The Unshackled. Trans-Tasman Talk (TTT) is hosted by Tim Wilms from Melbourne and Dieuwe de Boer from Auckland. The show debuts every Tuesday at 9pm New Zealand time and 7pm Melbourne time. Episodes are broadcast live on Youtube via Right Minds, The Unshackled, and The BFD.

Both Tasman nations released their mid-year fiscal outlooks, Australia is still gunning for a surplus, while New Zealand is accepting a deficit. With natural disasters still impacting both nations right before Christmas, Tim and Dieuwe reflect upon these end-of-year developments on this week’s episode Trans-Tasman Talk.

The White Island eruption has claimed at least 18 lives, but some journalists have blamed climate change for the volcanic eruption. Jacinda is banning plastic fruit stickers. Syndey's light-rail was a flop on it's first day, and there is thankfully not much progress on Auckland's attempt.

New Zealand's gun buy-back entered its final week and is looking like it will end in total failure.

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