Owen LLewellyn
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The Unshackled - Metiria Turei just Aping the Aussie Greens

The Unshackled exposes the rank hypocrisy of the Greens on both sides of the Tasman:

The Australian Greens like to think of themselves as the moral arbiters of the nation. They rage against the major parties’ MPs abusing their entitlements but we later learn that they are not much better. Just looking at Sarah Hanson-Young, she blew her staff travel budget by a third and at one stage owed the Department of Finance $20,460.76 earlier this year. Her travel entitlements bill from mid-2008 when she first arrived in the Senate until the end of 2014 was $970,000.

A classic "do as I say, not as I do" approach.

Well it would appear that the Green Party over the Tasman is very similar in their disregard for taxpayers’ money. The Co-Leader of the New Zealand Greens Metiria Turei (The Greens have two co-leaders, one male one female in the interests of gender equality) recently revealed during an address to Greens members that she committed welfare fraud in the 1990s. She was on a single parent’s benefit called the domestic purposes benefit and did not disclose to the welfare authority at the time she was accepting rent payments from her flatmates.


Turei has now been revealed to have committed another fraud. This time she has confessed to registering to vote at a false address so she could vote for a friend running in the 1993 election. Despite her actions not befitting that of a lawmaker she will not be resigning either as Co-Leader or from Parliament, claiming that “Change is coming and I am proud of being part of leading that change in this election”.

Many MPs have resigned for less, the utter contempt that Turei has for taxpayers and the truth are unfathomable.