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WATCH: NZ Women's Marcher punches Trump supporter in face

Several attendees of the "March for Women" against President Trump in Auckland, New Zealand, stopped to engage supporters of the POTUS who were celebrating his inauguration. While one feminist was busy claiming that they weren't being violent, an accompanying male decided to throw a punch at a man wearing one of Trump's signature "Make America Great Again" hats. Previously, various radicals had attempted to shut down the counter-protesters by holding placards in-front of a megaphone and hurling constant verbal abuse.

This violent episode was one of many directed at New Zealanders who came out to support President Trump on the day of his inauguration, as both radical feminists and communist agitators took to the streets in violent protest directed at the democratically elected leader of an allied nation.

We have been unable to identify the assailant, but the victim told RMNZ's editors that he would like to press charges. [While we do have confirmation there were some taken, RMNZ is still attempting to get our hands on photographs of the attacker.]

The marchers did not seem interested in protesting the treatment of women in Islamic nations or celebrating the freedom and equality that women in New Zealand enjoy.