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WATCH: Trigglypuff at Violent Anti-Trump Protest in Auckland

Violence ensued when a small group of pro-communist, anti-Trump protesters were met with reasoned arguments from their pro-capitalist, pro-Trump counterparts. The two groups were gathered at the US Consulate in Auckland today, but when the communists ran out of words, the results weren't pretty. One SJW resorted to throwing a rock and then attempted to lunge at a Trump supporter. A few monuments later, she(?) continued to rant about how "he wants to kill me," presumably referring either to President Trump or to the man she had just attempted to assault.

There were various other incidents, including two violent assaults on Trump supporters from "March for Women" attendees and several more incidents of things being thrown by communist agitators. We'll have more coverage on those stories in the coming days.

President Donald J Trump's inauguration today was met with violence from far-left groups all over the world.