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NZ Mainstream Media Distracting Public
by Owen LLewellyn · 20/05/2017 4pm
by Owen LLewellyn · 15/05/2017 5am
Leading libertarian academic, Walter E. Block puts the Pope straight on what libertarianism is all about.Lew
Pauline Hanson - Halal At Best a Scam, at Worst, Funding Terrorism
by Owen LLewellyn · 10/05/2017 8pm
Pauline Hanson of One Nation, makes the case against Halal certification in Australia . She explains how it helps fund terrorism and the Islamification of Australia.
Feminists would rather kill a child than have it aopted
by Owen LLewellyn · 10/05/2017 8pm
Tim Wilms over at The Unshackled breaks down how modern feminism, along with the rest of the left, has effectively turned into a death cult. Obsessed with the patriarchy, they sabotage the very thing which gives most women their greatest satisfaction and reward - motherhood.
by · 07/05/2017 8am
Laura and I were at dinner last night and Laura brought up a very good point in rebuttal to those that scoff at Dieuwe not being a "Kiwi born" and now being the head of MNZGA party . Her thoughts were this, Dieuwe has more of an incentive to make New Zealand great again than most natives, why? Well ...
by Alex Eastwood-Williams · 06/05/2017 9pm
There's an old joke about how liberals will do anything for the working class - except mix with them. Never has this trend been so apparent as it is observing the 2017 French election, and all the middle class liberals and left-wingers who are backing or endorsing Emmanuel Macron in his bid to be ...
Islam will dominate the world
by Owen LLewellyn · 30/04/2017 5pm
Liam Dann, writing in the Herald this week, lamented the fact that immigration would be a major issue in the upcoming election this year. He made the standard patronising and misleading remarks about 'populist' politicians, characterising Trump and Farage, not to mention our own Winston Peters, as ...
Mortgagee sale
by Owen LLewellyn · 27/04/2017 10am
Yes, there will be another New Zealand property crash, and, yes, it will include Auckland. In May 2015 I made a video outlining the reasons why the Auckland property market was in a bubble and so would eventually crash.
UAE World Expo 2020
by Owen LLewellyn · 24/04/2017 5pm
The government is never slow to take up an opportunity to spend tax payers' money on some "important" world event (think Rugby World Cup 2011- conservatively $39 million plus, America's Cup 2013 - $33 million).
Syria gas attack
by Owen LLewellyn · 20/04/2017 8am
Stuff is always alert to its important role of herding the New Zealand public along the road of the latest war narrative. In a glaring example of media bias and blatant propaganda, Stuff dutifully puts the necessary spin on the latest events in Syria. It’s hard to keep track of the atrocities and ...


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